Why Choose YouNique Ent, LLC?

Limited or a lack of resources is the #1 challenge entrepreneurs face when growing their business. Their time at work is spent on tasks because they believe that they do not have the budget to hire employees. This vicious cycle is the primary reason their business is not moving forward. With time, the vicious cycle starts moving in a downward spiral, and many times results in a failed attempt at what could have been a very successful business venture.

YouNiques’ Virtual Assistants create more time in your day by helping to alleviate your workload, and your stress. Our team of talented Virtual Professionals works year-round to bring you direct assistance — from research to scheduling, marketing to personal concierge services, we’ve got you covered!

Let us show you why YouNique Virtual Professionals has earned the trust of so many respected corporations, small businesses, and individuals. We can’t wait to make YOU another satisfied client!

We are more than virtual assistants, we are YouNique Professionals!

  • Our revenue depends on high quality work and positive execution
  • You only pay for the time we actually work
  • We use our own office supplies & equipment
  • No need to wait for us to come into the office, you email us the work with a due date, we deliver
  • We are experienced & trained professionals
  • We show up for work rain or shine
  • You have an entire team of experts for less than or equal to the cost of one employee
  • No office politics or water cooler talk
  • No taxes, no benefits, no paid vacation days, no sick days, no overhead cost, no training… and you get support of a virtual team for less than the cost of one employee

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